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23 October 2008

Paul's Calling

by Ben (yes, that other guy)

I read Acts 13.

I'm reading in Acts right now, a book that I am less familiar with than pretty much the rest of the Bible. I have to admit a selfish reason for liking this book: it is pretty awesome to see the disciples finally getting things right. And even the self-proclaimed greatest sinner of all is proclaiming Jesus as the realization of the prophets. Not only does that mean that there is hope for us, it shows that God specifically uses the most bumbling. I'm a sure thing!

"I have set you to be a light for the Gentiles, so that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth."

In reflecting on 13:47, I tried to put myself in the role of Paul. How amazing to be the one to offer salvation to a group that has been traditionally left out (seemingly on purpose). How self-defining is Paul's call.

Yet, his very call forces him to be the antagonist to one of the deeply held beliefs of the Jews. Israel had long been God's chosen nation and in the minds of many, it could only ever be that way.

Paul's message changes that. And he gains an obvious following from those who would be left out of salvation otherwise.

Some of us are called to be like Paul, bringing a new message to those who need it. But the challenge comes in that our message might be completely going against the traditional beliefs. We must be like Paul in that we do not shrink from our calling.


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