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28 August 2008

Harmony of the Gospels

By Matt

Well, today I started into Mark and read the first 3 chapters. I think that if the gospels were made into movies we'd find that Matthew would be a talky drama and Mark would be all action. More than a few times Mark records that Jesus was teaching the crowds but never says a word of what Jesus was saying. But then a leper or blind man or someone comes up and Jesus heals. Action, it's all about the action. So, with little words there's little condemnation or glorification.

I don't know if I've ever really noticed this kind of difference between the gospels. But it makes sense. Matthew was writing to Jews who would be very interested in hearing what Jesus said and did and matching it up to the Torah and the predictions of the prophets. Mark, on the other hand, was writing to Romans who are impressed by power. The Jesus of Mark definitely comes across as powerful and in control and as having some sort of a master plan. I mean, Jesus is shutting up the demons so they won't tell everyone who he is! It's all pointing to a greater plot of revelation.

So yeah, a little diversion from my focus but there wasn't much to focus on. I have a feeling Mark will go quickly!


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